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Lamar Jackson’s mother Felicia Jones negotiates his $260M contract extension.

Talks between the N.F.L. team and its star quarterback had stalled last month, with Jackson at one point requesting a trade. It was confirmed the five-year contract extension in a video posted on the team’s Twitter account.

“For the last few months, there’s been a lot of ‘he said, she said,’ a lot of nail biting, a lot of head scratching going on,” Jackson, 26, said before declaring that he would “light up” the Ravens’ home stadium for the next five years.

The deal is worth $260 million, but what no one is talking about is how this deal was secured with no agent! During the 2023 NFL draft it was mentioned that Jackson’s mother, Felicia Jones is the one who negotiated that deal.

And while we are going up for this entire ordeal, this part right here made us scream!

Lamar Jackson, Rockstarr Diva, Felicia Jones

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