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Glitz & Girlpower Nominations

Here are the preliminary qualifications to become a potential Glitz & Girlpower Honoree 

  • Must have at least 3 articles that outline your nominee's success. 


  • Identify why you wish to be or nominate this woman to be a Glitz & GirlPower honoree.


  • Proof of philanthropic efforts done in the community by the nominee or the nominee's business within the last 12 months.

While The Pink Directory members submissions are priority, This DOES NOT mean they will win. or that they will be chosen to be an official honoree even with all of above criteria being met, based on availability and limited opportunities.


Please note, once selected as an official Nominee, the nominee will be required to submit a Nominee Induction Fee, which will cover all expenses, advertising, marketing and media fees for Nominee. 


This fee will be disclosed in official nominee correspondence.

Women In Power Awards Nomination:

Glitz & Girlpower honors Women In Power celebrates trailblazing leaders driving change. We honor the impact that these women leaders have across industries around the world.  

Glitz & Girlpower Awards Nomination:

The Glitz & Girlpower Awards celebrates the force of female excellence! An evening dedicated to women who shine in music, arts, film, entertainment, media and fashion. We honor their achievements and philanthropic efforts that continue to inspire future generations to follow their dreams. 

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