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A platform where we inspire the future generation through actionable girl power.

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We’ve heard the saying time and time again that behind every great man there’s an even greater woman. Well, this is literally the case for FloRida and the powerhouse team he has assembled alongside the founder of Glitz & Girl Power, Valerie "Rockstarr Diva" Nelson.

Born in Bridgeton, New Jersey, from West Indian parents, Diva has always loved music, entertainment, blogging, and media since she was a teenager. Growing and seeing the culture evolve throughout the years, she noticed something was missing. She saw a lack of women support, empowerment and a platform for all to embrace each other. From that day, Diva vowed to build a powerful network of positive and productive women, who are confident in their hustle and secure enough in their movement to support the goals and efforts of other women like themselves.

In 2016, Diva created the Glitz & Girl Power awards to celebrate women empowerment and achievements in all aspects of life. Through struggle, heartbreak, trials, and tribulations we at Glitz & Girl Power think it's imperative to uplift women who overcome difficult situations and find the strength to move forward. Ambitiously working to make their dreams a reality, and in doing so inspire other women and young girls all around the world. Our events has grown to include A-list celebrities, sports figures, and top influential businessmen and women. Our platform aims to celebrate these amazing women that not only create an impact in our entertainment industry but also the lives of others.

Diva attests her strength and success to the loyalty and love that she has received from her Family and Friends. She looks forward to continuing her career in digital marketing & media with Flo Rida and her International Music Group brand. We hope you join us as we celebrate Girl Power and all the Glitz that's come with it.

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Neomi Rhyne

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Valerie "Rockstarr Diva" Nelson.


Rockstarr Diva, Flo Rida & Managing Partner, Shanika Brown

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