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A National Holiday Established by Dr. Rashae Barnes to Recognize & Honor Black Entrepreneurs

Please excuse us while we have this Yessssssssssss moment! Too many times we hear of these national holidays and it’s like it’s cute and all but we need more holidays with substance like National Black Funding Day created by Dr. Rashae Barnes!

For decades, black entrepreneurs have struggled to secure funding, especially from venture capitalists. Studies show that they receive less than 2% of overall dollars each year, while women of color receive even less. Structural racism and power imbalances contribute to discriminatory financial practices that hinder the growth of minority-owned businesses. In response to these challenges, Dr. Barnes believes that National Black Funding Day is necessary to address these issues and create a more equitable and inclusive funding landscape.

Dr. Barnes stated, “We need to educate the masses on the disparities in funding across the board and provide resources to help underserved communities secure funding for their businesses.

It's no wonder she was just recently celebrated at the Glitz & GirlPower Awards for being a woman in power, because to have created an entire national holiday for us speaks volumes!

If you’re a black business owner and you’re not clapping we don’t know what’s wrong with you, this is exactly what we NEED and we are certain this holiday will open up even more opportunities for small black businesses owners to thrive & grow!

Congratulations Dr. Barnes we are here for all of this!

September 30th is a celebration, especially for black women in business! Here’s to us breaking barriers for the rest of 2023 and then some!


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