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Big Dreams For Her Annual Anti-Bullying and Mental Health Symposium.


Big Dreams for Her is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


This year’s theme is “Diamonds Are Made Under Pressure” and focuses on preventing peer mistreatment of our most vulnerable youth, including special needs students, minority students, and other targeted and underrepresented populations allowing them to feel safe and welcome particularly at school. We are also focusing on mental health to inform our teens that treatment options are available and that there are various options to get them the help they need that don’t include drugs, sex, and death through suicide.


Our symposium serves as a venue for practitioners to share their expertise on the prevention of bullying and creating a safe, positive i on-campus culture. We will host breakout and group sessions aimed to create awareness against bullying while encouraging those suffering from mental health issues to do something about it.


Workshop Topics Include: Effective Bullying Strategies, Community Policing, Roundtables on Reduction of Teen Violence and Gun Controls in predominately minority communities, Treatment for Mental Health, Self Esteem and Self Awareness

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