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Empowering Excellence: Glitz & Girlpower Women In Power Awards Dinner Salutes Women Changemakers

In a celebration of grace, resilience, and empowerment, the Glitz & Girlpower Awards Dinner is set to illuminate the achievements of phenomenal women who have left an indelible mark on their communities and beyond. This year's honorees include Vice Mayor Pamela Beasley-Pittman, NBC 6's Constance Jones, Commissioner Dr. Regina Martin, Latosia Colvin, founder of Sundays Eatery and The Licking, Dr. Diane Lazare, Attorney Yolanda Cash Jackson, Miami Carol City High School Principal and advocate for swimming awareness, Dr. Bridget McKinney, Anike Sakariyawo of the SEEK Foundation, Thema Campbell of Girlpower Miami, Serifat Fapohunda, and Assistant Chief of Opa Locka Police Department, Dr. Robin Starks. These incredible women exemplify the essence of empowerment.


  1. Vice Mayor Pamela Beasley-Pittman: Shaping Policy and Inspiring Leadership As a trailblazer in politics, Vice Mayor Pamela Beasley-Pittman has not only shattered glass ceilings but also inspired a generation of leaders. Her dedication to shaping policy and fostering community engagement makes her a beacon of empowerment.

  2. Constance Jones: Journalism with Impact Constance Jones, the face of NBC 6, has used her platform to amplify important stories and voices. Her commitment to journalistic integrity and empowering narratives has set a standard for excellence in media.

  3. Commissioner Dr. Regina Martin: Advocate for Social Change Commissioner Dr. Regina Martin stands as a tireless advocate for social change, addressing community needs and championing initiatives that make a lasting impact. Her leadership exemplifies the transformative power of public service.

  4. Latosia Colvin: Culinary Visionary and Entrepreneur Latosia Colvin, the creative force behind Sundays Eatery and The Licking, has redefined culinary excellence. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to her craft inspire aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs alike.

  5. Dr. Diane Lazare: Shaping Minds, Nurturing Futures Dr. Diane Lazare's impact on education is immeasurable. As an educator, she has shaped the minds of countless individuals, fostering a love for learning and academic excellence.

  6. Attorney Yolanda Cash Jackson: Legal Trailblazer Attorney Yolanda Cash Jackson has forged a path of justice and equality within the legal realm. Her commitment to social justice and legal advocacy sets the stage for a more equitable future.

  7. Dr. Bridget McKinney: Principal and Advocate for Swimming Awareness Dr. Bridget McKinney, the principal of Miami Carol City High School, not only leads with distinction but is also a passionate advocate for swimming awareness in the community. Her dedication to water safety transcends the school gates.

  8. Anike Sakariyawo: Championing Causes with SEEK Foundation Anike Sakariyawo, through the SEEK Foundation, has become a driving force in championing various social causes. Her commitment to community welfare and empowerment is truly commendable.

  9. Thema Campbell: Empowering Through Girlpower Miami Thema Campbell, the force behind Girlpower Miami, has created a platform that empowers and uplifts women. Her dedication to fostering a sense of community and empowerment is a testament to her vision.

  10. Serifat Fapohunda: A Force of Inspiration Serifat Fapohunda stands as an embodiment of inspiration. Her contributions to various spheres have left an indelible mark, showcasing the strength and power that women bring to the table.

  11. Assistant Chief of Opa Locka Police Department, Dr. Robin Starks: Leading with Integrity and Empathy Dr. Robin Starks, Assistant Chief of Opa Locka Police Department, is a leader who exemplifies integrity and empathy. Her commitment to community safety and building trust underscores her role as a trailblazer in law enforcement.

The Glitz & Girlpower Awards Dinner is not just an event; it's a celebration of empowerment, a recognition of excellence, and a testament to the incredible impact women can have in shaping our world. As we prepare for this spectacular evening, let us anticipate the stories, journeys, and achievements that will unfold. Stay tuned for an unforgettable night dedicated to honoring the phenomenal women who, through their actions and dedication, have become powerful agents of change. #GlitzAndGirlpower #WomenChangemakers #EmpoweringExcellence

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